Kids Fantasea Fin

This product is made to order and has an estimated manufacturing time of 6-12 weeks 

Begin your adventures with the silicone Kid's Fantasea Fin by Mertailor!  Perfect for recreational use by all aspiring little mermaids and mermen alike.  Enjoy our Fantasea fin with your favorite Mertailor swim wear or leggings, or,  if you are growing tired of your land legs, pair it with your favorite Fantasea Tail Skin for a complete mer-transformation! You will be thrilled how easy it is to travel to your favorite mer-destinations with this flexible lightweight fin! Recomended for accomploshed and strong swimmers at least 8 years of age and above.

  • Ages 8 years + (Confident swimmers only)
  • With 3 brilliant color combinations to choose from, the pigmented silicone is color through and through.
  • Made to order 
  • Made in the USA exclusively by Mertailor in Crystal River, Florida

These incredibly comfortable mermaid and merman flippers are 100% platinum grade silicone and are designed using Mertailor’s patent pending Flowing Fin system to provide a gentle and realistic flow as they pass through the water.  Foot pockets are lined with reinforcing mesh to strengthen the individual straps that rest comfortably around each ankle.

If you a “speed-demon” or enjoy deep diving adventures, our Fantasea fin may not be the fin for you.  These new and innovative fins were designed with fun and relaxing underwater exploration in mind.  Not to worry, you will certainly enjoy plenty of propulsion and excellent maneuverability while using our Fantasea Fin.  Perfect for those training and learning to swim with a Mertailor Spellbound tail, these fins will quickly build your confidence and endurance under water.

Sizing:  Available in three different sizes.  Foot pockets are molded silicone and will fit differently than other hard-rubber fins. If you wear a wide shoe size or occasionally have to jump to the next size level, we recommend purchasing the larger size. Scuba booties are an option if you would like your feet to feel more snug.  (Note: All fin sizes have the same outside dimension – only interior size of foot pocket changes)

Color Variation: All fins are poured using the same color formulation.  Because of the method of manufacture we are unable to direct color.  Design patterns will vary from fin to fin and dominant color appearance may shift. 


Fantasea Fin has a Tip to Tip measurement of approximately  25”x26” and weighs approximately 7 lbs. 


About Custom Coloring options:

  • We cannot direct color. 
  • Every fin will look different and have different patterning when it comes out of the mold even if the same exact color formulation has been used.
  • Similar colors may blend to look like one single color.
  • Colors are also influenced and can take on the coloring of the other color it is poured with. 
  • Colors can blend further to make another color when poured into the mold (i.e. a red and white fin may have areas of pink) 
  • Some color combinations may become muddied.     Dark colors can make the accompanying color look darker when next to it. 
  • Color combos are always a 50/50 formulation.  This cannot be changed
  • Sometimes color combos will present with one color significantly dominant.  You may find the second color more apparent in natural light.
  • Custom colored fins are non-returnable, non-refundable and not eligible for exchange.

Safety Warning: Mermaid tails should only be used under adult supervision. Do not use where water is too deep for ability. All users of this product assume risks associated from its use. Whether proximate or remote, there may be a risk of injury. Neither manufacturer nor seller of this product assumes any liability.