Unique individuals who have proven themselves are major supporters and contributors to Mertailor, who have a major passion and dedication to the world of mermaids.


My name is Bridgette, I have my BA degree in Anthropology/Archaeology and I have been a mermaid for 3+ years and counting. My love for mermaids started for me at a very young age when I first watched "Splash" and "The Little Mermaid" and it took off from there! During my college years, I discovered Mertailor tails and I dreamed of one day owning one. Once I graduated college I made a promise to myself I would buy myself a tail and live out my mermaid dreams. I never imagined buying my basic silicone tail from Eric would take me to where I am today. Since I have become a mermaid, I had the pleasure to film for a MTV Youtube series "owning it" and a episode of "Top Secret Swimming Holes" for the Travel Channel, then becoming an ambassador for Mertailor has been the highlight of my mermaid career. I have been able to live out of one of my other childhood dreams to work festivals as a mermaid. My friends and I will work 5-7 festivals a year just Florida alone! One of the best things of becoming a mermaid though to be honest, is when I met some of my best friends who also share the same passions for being a mermaid and their passions for ocean conservation. As a mermaid, I would like to help spread knowledge on how to reduce the use of plastic and how we can better the environment. I bought myself a reusable water jug and stainless steel straws/paper straws to use instead of water bottles and plastic straws in restaurants. As I continue my life as a mermaid, I would like to help inform new comer mermaids/mermen on mermaid safety and to help support one another in the community. We are all here for the same reason and we should all support one another in each others journey into becoming the mermaid/merman we all want to be.


Mermaid Shellsea, AKA Chelseabelle, joined the Mertailor team as a brand ambassador in 2019. Living in Northeast Florida, being on or in the water is a part of life for her. Chelsea is very active as a swimming mermaid at local springs and meet ups. She is PADI Scuba and Free Diving certified. When she isn’t mermaiding in the Florida Springs, you can find her scuba diving, free diving, fishing, or on the offroad trails in her Jeep. She lends her spare time working with the Florida Springs Conservation cleaning the springs , Florida Springs Mermaids and with Fort Benning Wounded Warrior. Why I love mermaiding? Why do I mermaid? Because it’s who I am, it’s who I have always been. I swim to make myself smile , I clean the waters to smile, I swim in mermaids tails to smile and make other people around me smile. I smile to make other smile.


Also Known As Mermaid Vanessa lives in sunny Singapore (a Southeast Asian Island City-State whose official mascot is a Merlion.) She's the first international Ambassador, proudly repping Mertailor from the other side of the globe! Truly a delight to be part of the Mertailor family! Mermaiding to her, is a passion that stems both from a deep fascination with the mythical and fantastical merfolk, an aesthetic appreciation and desire to recreate that fantasy for others, and she also just loves to be in the water. She is a mom to an adorable merbaby, wifey, dabbles in photography and makeup, plays epic RPGs, reads Fantasy novels, is absolutely addicted to Bubble Tea (Boba), and has an MBA in Marketing/Finance.


Réme Vaught also know as Siren of the Springs has always had a deep love for the water. Growing up in Florida she enjoyed swimming in the Springs on the weekends and visiting the weeki wachee mermaids whenever she could, dreaming of the day she would grow gills and a tail! Although her gills never came, her tail has! She and her husband spend 3-4 days a week freediving and photographing the Florida Springs. She hopes to use her art to educate and inspire others to care about and act on the problems these unique and vulnerable natural wonders are facing. Becoming a mermaid is absolutely a dream come true! "I'm so excited to be a part of the Mertailor family! Supporting a local Florida business that cares about the places I love most (the Florida Springs) is a dream partnership! I'm so excited to see the new depths mermaiding takes my art and my pursuit to educate others about the plight of the Florida Springs!"


Merman Thommy started out his career working as a Professional Merman for Divebar of Sacramento, CA in 2018. You can find him in the 40 foot aquarium performing for their patrons most weekend nights. “I knew I wanted to be a merman the moment I stepped in this bar. I just didn’t know it would happen so fast and where it would bring me!” Since then he has participated in multiple events across California. When he’s not flipping his fins, Merman Thommy works as a full-time Sign Language Interpreter, putting his degree to use while helping out in his community. He also moonlights as a hockey player, slash figure skater, slash fitness enthusiast, slash … you get the picture! With his sights set on personal growth and helping others, you’ll definitely want to swim along with this Merman on his way to the top!